Ubisoft - Data Engineer (February 2017 - April 2021 | 4 years and 3 months)

Domain : Video games (Analytics on player behaviour)

  • For Users Research Lab : Plan the development of ETL / ELT / Big Data tools. Develop the definition of Big Data standards and participate in the analytical vision of the user research laboratory.

  • Rainbow Six - Siege (Ubisoft's most popular online game) :
    • Creation of "scalable" ETL / ELT, facilitating data management and reducing time by up to 60% (absorb growth from 10 to +60 million players). Tracking design
    • Work with my analytical team (2 data scientists 4 data analysts and 1 data engineer) in various subjects such as scalable code development and data understanding.
    • Collaborate with teams around the world to provide data (China, United States, France, Canada)
    • Provide dashboards as efficiently as possible to VP and game directors to make critical and strategic decisions.

  • Rainbow Six - Quarantine (game in development) :
    • Design a complex data model and implement ETL / ELT
    • Help my analytical team (1 data analyst and 1 data engineer)

  • Roller Champion (game in development) :
    • Design a complex data model and implement ETL
    • Creation of "scalable" ETL / ELT to analyze the game development phase (Alpha, Public Alpha)
    • Help my analytical team (2 data analysts)

  • Unannounced games (games in development) :
    • Data Modelling, ETL / ELT and tracking design

Techno: Hadoop, Airflow, Spark, Python, Jupyter, SQL, Hive, Impala, API, Tableau, MongoDB